Phoenix Haunted Hayride

Phoenix Haunted Hayride

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New for fall 2016 is Phoenix’s only haunted hayride! Nestled among 10-acres of corn, this attraction provides guests with the sounds and smells of autumn air from (what should be) the safety of specially-designed trailers meant to protect them from terrifying legendary creatures called Wendigo-- impossibly thin, evil spirits of Native American legend with an intense craving for human flesh. Building this hayride may have disturbed Wendigo burial grounds and, some experts suggest, created an atmosphere sure to create a frightening experience for guests hoping to enjoy a nighttime ride through the cornfields.

Phoenix Haunted Hayride - The Wendigo

When creators of Fear Farm decided to add a haunted hayride to their already bone-chilling attractions, they had no idea construction crews would unearth evidence of long-rumored half-humans dating back hundreds of years. The crews discounted their findings as animal remains and went forward with excavation and construction, even growing corn atop what must have been acres of burial grounds. That was a mistake. Folklore findings from the area later suggested they were bones of Wendigo—impossibly thin, evil creatures of Native American legend with an intense craving for human flesh, and disturbing their burial grounds, some experts suggest, reawakened the evil spirits. Research identifies Wendigo as humanlike, but appearing in the color of death and smelling strongly of decay or decomposition. They were known to possess humans and turn them into cannibals.

Since the completion of construction, volunteers and crews have reported unusual sightings and deep, guttural cries coming from the corn field at night, threatening progress on the new hayride. However, at Fear Farm, we understand that the show must go on. We will open as planned and conduct more research in the off-season.

Warning! Event may be too intense for young children and is not recommended for children under the age of 12