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Preview 2015 | WATCH VIDEO

Preview 2015 | WATCH VIDEO

Chainsaw Mayhem

Tragedy befell a group of five youths in the summer of ‘73. Had they lived longer, they wouldn’t have wished the morbid images of mutilation they saw on anyone. For them, a typical summer afternoon became a nightmare Arizona would never forget. The events of that day led to the discovery of one of the most bizarre crimes in American history. Chainsaw Mayhem of Arizona. - September 17, 1973.


It started with a flash in the sky and a loud crash. What looked like a comet was, in fact, an alien craft crash landing in the cemetery. The aliens slowly came out of the wreckage, only to be slaughtered by the soldiers who came to investigate. What the soldiers didn’t know as they dragged the bodies away to their Bunker, was that the blood from the aliens would seep through the ground and disturb the corpses, waking them from their peaceful resting place. Now the Undead walk among us, terrorizing anyone and everyone in their path.

The Bunker: Invasion

The battle for survival starts here! After the slaughter of their predecessors at the cemetery crash, aliens have invaded, seeking revenge for their fallen comrades & the experiments that are being performed on them. Listen to the soldiers and follow their lead as they navigate you underground, through the experimentation labs and the alien wreckage. You have to make it through The Bunker to find the safe zone. If you stagger or stumble , you will get left behind and you could become the next object of experimentation.

Mouth of Madness

Up is down, left is right, and everything is scary funny. This is Tremmors & Flinch’s Mouth of Madness. You’ve never been to a clown house like this. There’s much more than just painted faces and red noses waiting for you in this hidden hotspot of mayhem and this time, the jokes just might cost you your life - or at least a limb. With a clown around every corner waiting to make you laugh in fear, you’ll be running to escape the madness in no time..

Legends: Las Leyendas

La Llorona is trapped between the living world and spirit world after killing her two children in a fit of rage and then taking her own life out of guilt and despair. Cursed to wander the earth for all eternity, she searches in vain for her drowned children. Beware of her constant weeping; although she longs to be reunited with her dead son and daughter, she may just carry you off instead.

Stay Scary
WARNING: Event may be too intense for young children and is not recommended for children under the age of 12